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WebPage Design by Lars Meyer - Volunteer in the Pop-Wuj Social Work Program

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Photo Gallery - Pop Wuj Spanish School Guatemala

View Pictures of Pop Wuj - Spanish School Guatemala, our community development projects and places in and around Xela.

Exchange Pictures - With this Photo Gallery we would like to give our students the opportunity to exchange pictures with other students, family and friends.

How does it work ? - Everybody has access to the general area of the Photo Gallery to view pictures about for instance our Stove Project, the Family Support Center, Travel in and around Xela and more. A registration is necessary to gain additional access including:

Download of full resolution pictures

View and download pictures from the student area

Upload of pictures in the student area

Send eCards

Order paper prints directly out of the Photo Gallery

Register - To register yourself simply go into the Photo Gallery and click on “Register” in the upper right corner. An Album will be created for every user after the registration. You will have full access to your personal album to upload pictures.

Download Pictures – To download pictures first go into the Photo Gallery and login with your username and password. To download pictures click “Add Photo to cart” to choose a specific pictures or click “Add Album to cart” for all pictures in a  album. In your cart (click “View Cart”) choose the cart action “Download in Zip” in the upper right corner to download all chosen pictures. Alternatively you can also choose “Print with xxx” to order paper prints.

Upload Pictures – To upload your pictures first go into the Photo Gallery and login with your username and password. After the login you will be redirected into your personal album. You will only be able to upload pictures into your personal album. In your personal album click on “Add Items” in the menu on the left side and choose an upload method. We recommend the tap “Upload Applet” as this is the easiest and quickest.

Help - Should you have any problems then please don’t hesitate to contact us via E-Mail at
Photo Gallery - Pop Wuj Spanish School Guatemala
Photographer - Pop Wuj Spanish School Guatemala